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Studio K Portfolio

Just saw links to this design studio in Poland doing amazing work. Comparatively, my design is soooooo ’90s. Ugh. Web portfolio here: Studio K.

The Studio K was born into 2006 from l’ association of Krzysztof Domaradzki and Eliza Domaradzka, two graduates of l’ University of PoznaƄ in Poland. Two years later only, the graphic studio s’ is quickly specialized in the webdesign and exposes an impressive portfolio.

Anyway, enjoy their work (a smattering represented below).



quoted text and links from visual evasion.

Bad Usability for Web = Losability

So, the original content for this post–originally housed at the Wichita Psychology Dept–has moved. They’re posting large amounts of studies on web usability.

I’m guessing they haven’t gotten to the “don’t move content” section yet.

Regardless, there is a plethora of info to be read, reviewed, and assimilated (no, I’m not comparing them to the Borg…yet). You can find it all here: in the archives area.