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Intricasy Meets Obsession

Just saw this post on Veer, which means the whole world of designers has now seen it. Regardless, it’s amazing and worth viewing. As quoted on their site:

Almost everyone has professed an attention to detail at some point, but few could match the meticulous nature of of Hina Aoyama’s paper cutouts. Her delicate creations have been carefully pinned, pressed, framed, or encased – then photographed – for your viewing pleasure.

Building Better Type

Months ago I saw some cool type graphics at Veer and made a mental note to go back and revisit. I guess I lost the note, because it took another blogger (anon) to remind me.

Visually stunning, these image-builds are all from letters. It’s possible this one was of the subconscious influences of my Bloodlines tree for Trigger’s latest album artwork (below), but honestly I don’t know (or think so). Is there really any new ideas?

Regardless, these were cool. CameronMoll (original site) here and the Veer minisite here. Enjoy.