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Great Vintage Font Resource

Letterhead Fonts specializes in old style custom fonts perfect for signage and vintage applications. I’ve loved their type for a long time and have purchased from them in the past.

Make sure you tip your hat to the porter on the way out and give him a wide grin!

Well-Chosen Words

Marketing: it’s all about how you present your story.

Check out this short flick I just saw promoted on Veer (which means it’s now ubiquitous in the design underworld—or is that the design overworld??):

YouTube Preview Image
It’s all, all, all about story full of the human element–building with some curiosity and suspense right to the end. Great camera angles, nice lite music–but a few well-chosen words can change the tenor of everything. This applies to everything and is the essence of marketing (and advertising, and, and, and …)
(credits: Alonso Alvarez Barreda’s award-winning short film Historia de un Letrero (The Story of a Sign) More from the Veer site here.

Super Cool Minimalist Signage

Ever since my days in architecture I’ve been drawn to a form of minimalism. If you’ve ever worked with me you’ll think I’m flat-out lying—but my attraction to minimalism (aside from the pure aesthetic) is that I can’t do it, or do it well. I over complicate everything; it’s my spiritual gift.

Anyway, this made me ohhh and ahhh. Now that has to be one powerful light, and I’m not sure how it looks in daylight, but regardless—this took some serious thought and work to make a final look this amazing.

I’m not sure this is “good” design—just very unique and creative.