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Tide Detergent Kills Smog

Yea, right.

I just saw this brilliant (pun intended) ad campaign on the AdGoodness blog. Loved the concept. Someone really uber picky might point out that the product isn’t so much about keeping something clean as getting something clean, but I think the point of cleanliness is still the underlying component, and that it’s intuitive enough people will get it.

“See a penny, pick it up…”

“…and all day you’ll be helping advertise some innocuous business.” Welcome to the modern world!

More from Sagmeister today: I actually love this idea.

In September, Sagmeister Inc. participated in Droog Event 2: Urban Play and produced this cracking piece of work. Using Euro coins, with one side painted blue, the typographic work which depicted a Sagmeister quote was constructed on the streets of Amsterdam. The piece then slowly dissolved as people started taking the coins and eventually the whole thing was cleaned up by the local authorities!

Loads more info here. Check out the Flickr pool here. Text and images via.

Can You Find the SUV

I’ve always enjoyed Jeep’s trendsetting advertising. They’re branding is concise and spot-on, even when their vehicles are spot-free and aren’t covered in mud.

While already confessing that I like simple, minimalist design (because I can’t do it well), I figured I’d stack another brick in the mausoleum of my own abilities and show off another simple yet complex campaign.

Gotta love Jeep.

Super Cool Minimalist Signage

Ever since my days in architecture I’ve been drawn to a form of minimalism. If you’ve ever worked with me you’ll think I’m flat-out lying—but my attraction to minimalism (aside from the pure aesthetic) is that I can’t do it, or do it well. I over complicate everything; it’s my spiritual gift.

Anyway, this made me ohhh and ahhh. Now that has to be one powerful light, and I’m not sure how it looks in daylight, but regardless—this took some serious thought and work to make a final look this amazing.

I’m not sure this is “good” design—just very unique and creative.