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Swisscom Re-Branding

Branding is perhaps one of my favorite design elements to study, dissect, understand. The intellectual challenge of distilling an entire personality and presence into a single image is such a brilliant exercise! This execution has raised a number of eyebrows in the design community. I find it interesting—not necessarily amazing. Jut interesting.

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Another Fav Blog

I just did my “fav 6 blogs” post, but I came across another fav. Rather than re-post, I’ll add it in here:

GRAIN EDIT: I love all the ephemera-inspired design (or just true ephemera). Not only is this retro the new hip, this is a great source for it—pulling from all over. I’ve always liked old stuff better—and have been a collector of this type of materials for years (most is gone now). Love it.

Hand Cramps and a Box of Xacto Blades

It’s not “work” if you love it, right?

Even better, it’s not work if someone else does it and you love it. That’s how I feel about this promo—absolutely stunning. Having formerly building a brand around wood textures and expressions, I immediately fell in love with this piece.

…And appreciated even more the time and effort to make the mockups. Some poor die-cutting madman will have to make this work in real life at an exorbitant cost, but it might still be worth it. Wish I could have one of these for my idea bin. LOVE.

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