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Visuals from Insomnio

Just recently came across another compendium website for graphic visuals called Loads of cool stuff tucked into the crevases between normal and junky stuff (my opinion) but I’ve collected some of my favs for you. Enjoy!

Speaking of Art is useless if one doesn’t feel anything. Simple and beautiful piece by jmonzani
Glitch, 3d abstract illustration by another talented artist at deviantart: Jesar
the wretched, awesome photo by nuzz
Awesome, sad, great illustration by Asak Hanuka, for an article entitled “The Other Global Economy”
My dirt, a very cool sketch of a girl with a bear attitude by btrah

Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Just a few weeks after the close of the last Olympics it’s already on my mind again, mostly because of the work that the VONOC creative services team has designed. I absolutely love the use of texture, especially the clean illustrations combining natural and man-made elements (like wood textures and forest-themed vectors) inside other shapes, nice vibrant gradients, and edgy splash graphics.

More of the design expressions can be found here with the homepage here, and video explaining the design (in part) here. Enjoy!


YouTube Preview Image

via (with hilarious comments)

Birds Never Get Tired

Birds and trees are images I never tire of seeing, as long as they’re done in new and interesting ways. Scott Hansen has done a number of sweet posters and tshirt designs incorporating these elements. Naturally I have to love his work as a result.

Today I came across this most amazing video–sick animations and all nature themed! Oh, sooo great! A few scenes of this were reminiscent of the animated movie Renaissance. Overall, this is an amazing video!

YouTube Preview Image

Fast Links for Today

Three super duper fast links for the avid designer (not exactly sure why “avid” makes sense here…).

Data Visualization Compendium
Super well organized page of various data/information visualization methods. More here.
I’ve been reading Lynda’s work for probably 8 years now. She’s warehoused a lot of talent and teaching here. Super-duper cool.

Never heard of these guys ’til today, but that doesn’t mean they’re second-rate. Still, looks like a LOT here.