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Visuals from Insomnio

Just recently came across another compendium website for graphic visuals called Loads of cool stuff tucked into the crevases between normal and junky stuff (my opinion) but I’ve collected some of my favs for you. Enjoy!

Speaking of Art is useless if one doesn’t feel anything. Simple and beautiful piece by jmonzani
Glitch, 3d abstract illustration by another talented artist at deviantart: Jesar
the wretched, awesome photo by nuzz
Awesome, sad, great illustration by Asak Hanuka, for an article entitled “The Other Global Economy”
My dirt, a very cool sketch of a girl with a bear attitude by btrah

The New Coolest Keyboard Ever

For almost $2,000 you should be able to control your house’s air conditioning with this. For now, here’s the skinny from Optimus Tactus:

Note: I believe the website updated to confirm that this is just a CONCEPT keyboard and there is no cost. I’m sure the concept manufacturer will take your concept cash if you send it in concept mail, but you’re still out of luck. :(