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Dreams of Flying

Reading a Chase Jarvis blog entry this morning I came across this video made from a camera strapped onto an eagle’s head. More info about the idea and story there. In Chase’s words:

Can I please watch this bird hunt?

Why is it that we dream of flying? Watch the video and you’ll remember

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.808411&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

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Best 6 Blogs

I once read voraciously—but only in little snippets (now). At one point a Dostoevsky novel was a good read. Now, it’s an overwhelming monstrosity I can barely comprehend. My brain is slowly decomposing.

So, the new medium for me is blogs (and everyone else, yes). Here are my top six for the time being:

DYSKE: brilliantly written critical thinking, philosophy and pop culture articles to jog deeper thoughts, flitting under the surface of life like koi fish in a pond.

FFFFOUND: a multi-user compendium of things to be seen. a virutal candy store of visual offerings from all over the net [beware: occasional "artistic" images]

POSITIVE SPACE: critical thinking in relation to graphics and visual design. well written and superbly thought out.

A PHOTO EDITOR: short dissertations on the industry surrounding photography with special focus on publications, news editorials. deeply involved and poignantly focused. excellent.

CHURCH OF THE CONSUMER: marketing analysis and clear thoughts on word of mouth marketing in a social network minded world. good reviews of other material.

OMG POSTERS: constantly revolving eye-candy made by true artists. this is the inspiration storehouse for items I want on my walls.

Best (not new) Design Blog: Positive Space

I can’t truly say Positive Space is the best…that would require me to know everything else out there. I only know 99% of it, and don’t want to lie.

I can say, however, it’s the best new addition to my Google Reader since Swissmiss. So good that I’m constantly contemplating (say that 10 times real fast) toying with the idea of cutting/pasting content into my blogs so others can read, as is.

Amazing Topical News/Blog Aggregator

So, in case you have an unfounded aversion to Google Reader—or you simply can’t read—and you’ve been asking yourself why there isn’t another aggregator of news feeds and topical blogs… (deep breath) …then you’ve come to the right place: meet rocks. It uses a (claimed) sophisticated algorithm (what doesn’t these days) to winnow thru thousands of news/blog feeds to post the best according to industry standards and value. Choose from one of a host of topics to drill down into a category that suits your fancy, like photography (for me) as seen below. It really is amazing…there’s no way to read all this!