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When Legos Lust

I almost peed myself when I saw this whole re-interpretation of the bible using Legos. Not sure why the lust one was my favorite, but they’re all good. See them here.

More random favorite scenes below.

Above: self explanatory (in Biblical terms). Below: from the parable of the many murders. I LOVE the face of the evil one behind the axe (not holding it).

Above: don’t look at the wives of others. Below: Jesus gets baptized by John the Baptist (love his eyes) and the Spirt of God descends on him like a dove (or parrot).

Wrapping the Holy Book

I’m always interested in how the secular world perceives Christians. It’s an emic/etic thing.

I just noticed this new cover designed by Crush Agency for the Bible. Besides being a nice illustration (they chose to highlight The Fall, not God, Salvation, or any of the other redeeming parts of the “story”), the cover is horrible. It lacks any context, doesn’t represent it’s material well, doesn’t speak the the audience who reads is (unless this is a Student Bible), and aims more at glossy trendiness than it does good design.

And all the designers who have commented on it love it.