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Stunned By The Silence

Yes, I know: it’s been months since my last post. You’d think there’d be no good reason for such a lapse, barring some near-fatal disease, a honeymoon overseas, or tax season. None of these suffice.

The one thing that makes sense of this entire mess (aside from my just being incredibly busy) is that I’ve been saving all my postworthy blogs for something truly THAT good. Today I found it.

Daniel Danger, a name only a 40s gumshoe detective could love: he walked into my office like a thug pandering blow in back alley corners, and hit like a former middleweight remembering his pre-success junior high acne. That’s how I felt (kinda) when I first saw this poster at OMG Posters. I just sat there for a moment taking in the strokes, the colors, the mood and feel of this scene. It really stopped me in my swivel, high-back faux-leather office chair.

It’s put me on a hunt of other Daniel Danger prints, and there are a good number, each with this distinctly similar feel. Dark. Moody. High contrast, with some light providing a patina for the scene’s raw emotion. I believe one can only get a print for this by going to one of the Why? concerts where they’re sold. I need to find a friend willing to go, just so I can pay their ticket, pay their gas, pay their overnight binge just to get me one of these prints.

Yes, I’m that desperate.

This is freakin’ amazing. You’re lucky I care enough to even tell you about it (that’s how I feel).

More Daniel Danger at Tiny Media Empire.

UPDATE: I just bought this poster. I never buy things for myself. It’s made me estatic. Also got two other Daniel Danger posters while I was there… Christmas has come early for me!!

Living in an Upside-Down World

How is it that the world is so full of beauty and evil—all at once? Even the understanding one gets from religion doesn’t smooth the discrepancy one feels when such extremes commingle. All the world is a blending of these.

It’s rare that something so perfectly captures this complexity in such a simple way. Maybe it’s even more than rare…but the experience is high art, even when depicting rubbish, refuse, and rubber tires swimming in open sky and water. Lights reflect off discarded bags, cigarette butts and wavy tree limbs. It’s just beautiful. To cap it all off (more than just the co-mingling) everything is upside down, posing the reflected world as real.

I haven’t seen inside his other galleries (they weren’t working for me), but Robin Soulier’s Ephemerals gallery (#1) still has me awestruck. Enjoy!

The Artist’s Struggle

Zack Arias is a photographer I’ve been watching for about 4, maybe 5 years. I think I first came across him in the forums on in the days when I was there nightly, asking questions and gathering up ideas and tips like Hansel & Gretel in the forest. His Onelight Workshop was my top choice for what I wanted to do for self-improvement. Of course, that was years ago when photography was a part of my job description.

But even now I follow him. For the learning, and for the connection. He doesn’t offer much pretense; just himself.

I’ve moved past wanting to host a workshop for him. I let go of scribbling ideas to help brand him. We’ve conversed, but only just. He’s busy and I’m a fan from afar. It’s totally cool.

And while in the past I’ve connected with his photography, what I’ve identified with is his person. It comes thru in one’s art if you know how and where to look. People I’m close with (and trust that they’re not just yanking my chain) say there’s something definable in my photos. Yep, that’s a Josh photo—you can definitely see it. I don’t even know what that means, or what they refer to. But it encourages me to think there is something there to define me. That I come thru in my art.

Much of that voice of mine contains struggle, contrast, moodiness. I wrestle with the artist in me. Fangs bang against claws, sometimes.

Into this foray steps Zack again. It’s encouraging to hear he shares some of these struggles. It’s interesting to hear his voice in words, overlayed to moving photos. I’ve followed him (via his blog) through some tough times, especially this year. I can’t even appreciate how difficult it’s been for him—but he brings it all into the discussion. He doesn’t hide it, like so many other artists I know who feel a need to project a continuously sterile smile. They’ve adopted the plastic surgery philosophy for life, but they’ve lost their elasticity. Following them on Twitter and blog leaves me feeling like they’ve really convinced themselves everything is always okay; every tweet and micro blog ends in four exclamations points and begins with “I met <insert famous name>” or “Just ate at <insert famous restaurant> with <insert famous name>” or “My new blog entry Roxxors <or insert your own newer, better adjective>”.

I grow tired of reading what feels like falseness to me. If this is something you identify with, then you’ll love Zack’s recent video. Watch it here.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.785914&w=425&h=350&fv=]

more about “Depressed Insights“, posted with vodpod

Illustrations by Aro (itzso_weezee)

Aside from having to travel to to see these illustrations, I’m enthralled with the bold style and (gasp) sense of perspective in these images. Lots of stuff out in the blogosphere that’s similar, but not much as good (imho). Really great, youthful and edgy feel. See them all here.

Going in Circles

Richard Sarson has been going in circles for some time. And he’s gotten very good at it. He’s a designer, but for these pieces I don’t know if you can label him illustrator, or an artist, or…? Regardless, he’s very, very good at using a drawing compass and making beautiful rings on paper.

Sarcasm aside, this is really cool.

Melted is the New Dripped

About 5 years ago the graphics world saw innovative and creative use of trees (with other natural elements) boom on scene. They’re still there: a jaunt thru Urban Outfitters will reveal probably about 10 t-shirts using trees as a foundational design graphic element.

Recently, we’ve moved thru the graffiti look of wet paint, where dripping ink/paint was a big design element. In other design-related areas, I’ve begun seeing all things melted. Whether this has something to do with political statements about our environment and/or global warming—I’ve no idea.

All I know is melted is the new dripped. Watch for it.

[update] more from the fast-becoming famous KRINK below… his moniker is all about the drips!




Beautiful, Smooth Line Illustrations

I’ve seen some of Rubens LP work filtering into the cosmic internet more and more. How he achieves such beautiful illustrations from simple lines is a true testament of his art.

Much of the art I’m drawn to has layers of texture and grit. I love that look and feel in our clean, modern, computer-driven world. These illustrations, however, grab me as well, for the evocative curves and grandiose shapes. Brilliant.

Can You Find the SUV

I’ve always enjoyed Jeep’s trendsetting advertising. They’re branding is concise and spot-on, even when their vehicles are spot-free and aren’t covered in mud.

While already confessing that I like simple, minimalist design (because I can’t do it well), I figured I’d stack another brick in the mausoleum of my own abilities and show off another simple yet complex campaign.

Gotta love Jeep.

Birds Never Get Tired

Birds and trees are images I never tire of seeing, as long as they’re done in new and interesting ways. Scott Hansen has done a number of sweet posters and tshirt designs incorporating these elements. Naturally I have to love his work as a result.

Today I came across this most amazing video–sick animations and all nature themed! Oh, sooo great! A few scenes of this were reminiscent of the animated movie Renaissance. Overall, this is an amazing video!

YouTube Preview Image

Coolest Mirror I’ve Ever Not Seen Myself In

Okay, that sounds totally pretentious and aggrandizing. Truth is, I hate seeing myself in reflections, photos, video, ice sculptures. Maybe I should learn to love myself more. Maybe.

If there WAS a mirror (and we’re using that term loosely here) I could enjoy seeing my reflection in, this would be it. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long, long time. Check out the original post here.