Soul-full Wonder

Developing relevant brands, designing beautiful print & directing usable websites to speak into culture.

Josh took us through a very unique process and was able to dig deep into the heart of our organization to come up with a unique branding that characterized us perfectly…He really has a way of capturing the true essence of what our organization is all about. John Alvarado, Reflect Ministries
In my time here at Copycats Media I have worked on hundreds of projects. The Travis Oberg project "Bloodlines" would be in my top 5 projects as far as look and design. The stylish and crisp look grabs you and makes you want to listen to the record from only just seeing the cover art. It is truly beautiful. Justin Kristal, Copycats Media
Joshua does fantastic work and is great to work with. He takes ownership of projects and adds his creativity to make products better than planned. David Jay, Showit
I wish everyone I worked with, dear Josh, could capture a vision like you do! You're amazing. As far as I can determine, the brochure now looks perfect! My applause! Thank you for really listening to what I say, then capturing what I mean and translating it into visuals that work beautifully. You are great to work with, Josh! Anne Graham Lotz, AnGel Ministries
Josh excels at the implementation of brand strategy. He translates ideas into collateral that accurately portrays the values of the company. Josh can manage a clear vision of the brand across all mediums - print, digital and video. Brett Hutchinson, Personality
Can't say enough about our experience with Josh. We were working with this company on promoting our cruises and special events prior to his joining the team and while we were happy with the results and branding experiences - Josh really brought it to a whole new level and a consistency to our branded events that we didn't have previously. Can't recommend him enough! Derek Spirk, Michael W. Smith Group
...Looks really great. Your work is so solid. Peter Thomsen,
Josh is a great designer and is a pleasure to work with. He pours into his work and does nothing half-heartedly. With his finger constantly on the pulse of culture and industry, Josh's work continues to prove beautiful and effective. Nate Sees, Sparrow Visual Design
Joshua went above-and-beyond in his creative thinking, professionalism, and personal objective. His work is both experienced and up-to-date. I would recommend Joshua to any company that wants a phenomenal product at a reasonable cost. Rebekah Pogue, Eagle Castle Winery
Josh is a very talented graphic artist, combining a rare mix of great skills in design, writing, creative brainstorming, photography, and layout. He is conscientious, seeks to understand what needs to be communicated before launching a project, and is an asset to any team. The best part is that Josh is also very enjoyable to work with and was often sought out by much of our staff. I heartly recommend him for just about any job. Jeff Lilley, Seattle Union Gospel Mission

More of the Who behind the What

The Path to Here: Armed with my Apple Centris 650, a pair of Oakley sunglasses, a mountain bike, and a freshman enthusiasm for design I embarked in 1993 upon a journey to Oregon for an education in how to think creatively. The sunglasses were a total waste. After graduating, I accepted a design job at Hume Lake Christian Camps, one of the largest youth-driven Christian Camps in the United States. Since then I’ve filled the roles of designer, writer, photographer, director and brand manager (not all at the same time)—spending every moment learning the language of visual design and clear communication. I use words and photos to share ideas with others, design meaningful and compelling content for businesses, and innovate change wherever I go. I live to make things better.

You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand. ~ Woodrow Wilson

Quirks & Insights: I tell stories backwards. I have amazing friends, and I keep them. Learning something new brightens a day. I’m a warm listener. My favorite books are a mess of underlines, circles, highlights and personal notes. I’m deeply honest. I don’t often cook. Good espresso reminds me of Italy. I question until I understand. Old maps stop me in my tracks. I relax by wandering in forests, swimming in lakes, playing in rivers and hiking in mountains. I love black licorice. I’m an encourager. I long to have a dog buddy again. Making others laugh is an unspoken goal. Most mornings I hit snooze 3 times. I’m a really hard worker. I keep secrets well. I’m somewhat ponderous. I play in the deep end of the pool. I often care too much. I can admit when I’m wrong. Good books = lost sleep. I still look people in the eyes and say ‘hello’ in public. I lived inside the Sequoia National Park for over 10 years. I’ve lost all my grandparents. I hate being in the limelight. I’m an adventurer, but not a big risk-taker. I prefer to hear everything, process, then respond. I’ve never owned a house. I have to finish things I start. I seldom wear bright colors. My mind is never still. I could eat peanut butter forever, but cookies are my favorite food.

Personality Facets:

  • INTJ (Myers Briggs)
  • Connector & Maven (The Tipping Point)
  • Intellection, Relator, Learner, Input & Empathy (Strengthsfinder)
  • 100% Harmonizer, 97% Achiever, 87% Persister, 59% Dreamer, 54% Energizer, 26% Catalyzer (Your Unique Design)