Soul-full Wonder

Developing relevant brands, designing beautiful print & directing usable websites to speak into culture.

Joshua is an absolute professional. He is bright, creative, insightful, and best of all - a good listener. He's perceptive and produces work that goes way beyond what the client expects. He's very conscientious and hard working. I would hire Joshua again in a minute. John White, InsectLore
Josh went through our branding process step by step in almost the same way an eye doctor defines your vision until you're totally in focus. Josh will not disappoint! Robert Brown, Veritas World Junior
Josh has a unique gift of drawing out the essence and heart of an artist with calm thoughtful leading. He played an essential roll of making the daunting and overwhelming task of branding simple, methodical and actually pretty fun. Josh helped me define what is truly important and valuable for me to focus on and work towards; he is brilliant at helping others define ambiguous goals and find vision. Jennifer Elin Hogan, EverWhim Photos
Josh is a gifted visionary able to empower and motivate others through his clear communication and direction. He is able to handle multiple projects at once with great diligence. The work Josh produces illuminates the forefront of culture and is captivating to the eye. Derek Geer, Hume Lake Christian Camps
In my time here at Copycats Media I have worked on hundreds of projects. The Travis Oberg project "Bloodlines" would be in my top 5 projects as far as look and design. The stylish and crisp look grabs you and makes you want to listen to the record from only just seeing the cover art. It is truly beautiful. Justin Kristal, Copycats Media
Joshua went above-and-beyond in his creative thinking, professionalism, and personal objective. His work is both experienced and up-to-date. I would recommend Joshua to any company that wants a phenomenal product at a reasonable cost. Rebekah Pogue, Eagle Castle Winery
Joshua does fantastic work and is great to work with. He takes ownership of projects and adds his creativity to make products better than planned. David Jay, Showit
Josh excels at the implementation of brand strategy. He translates ideas into collateral that accurately portrays the values of the company. Josh can manage a clear vision of the brand across all mediums - print, digital and video. Brett Hutchinson, Personality
Josh is a great designer and is a pleasure to work with. He pours into his work and does nothing half-heartedly. With his finger constantly on the pulse of culture and industry, Josh's work continues to prove beautiful and effective. Nate Sees, Sparrow Visual Design
Josh is a very talented graphic artist, combining a rare mix of great skills in design, writing, creative brainstorming, photography, and layout. He is conscientious, seeks to understand what needs to be communicated before launching a project, and is an asset to any team. The best part is that Josh is also very enjoyable to work with and was often sought out by much of our staff. I heartly recommend him for just about any job. Jeff Lilley, Seattle Union Gospel Mission

It isn’t work when you love doing it.

The Studio: WonderFull is a branding, design and print studio dedicated to clear communication and beautiful presentation. I promise two things: exceptional work and an excellent working experience. I don’t chase graphic fads and visual fashions. I’m impassioned by design appropriateness and energized by helping others define and design their story in a clear, concise and consistent way. I give commitment to the long haul, dedication to process and absolute top quality proven in the smallest details.

The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself. ~ Henry Miller

For the last 15 years I’ve been directing Christian organizations in branding, design and marketing decisions. In those years I’ve developed a love of working with other creatives. This collaboration and pursuit of impossible goals is what gets me out of bed each morning. I don’t just want to do good design; I want to get a response, impact lives and use my craft toward some larger purpose. Art and design are languages that speak into culture and I want to shape a worthy voice in every thing that I create.

Why the name ‘WonderFull’? The WonderFull name comes from two thoughts, the first of which is self-evident. I love quality, and aspire to the highest standard in everything I do. Projects that aim only for ‘good enough’ are worse than ones never begun. Work done well is its own reward.

The second thought is deeper, more abstract. In 1998 I was offered a lead design position that my English Literature & Architecture Bachelors left me woefully unqualified to accept. Hard work, a passion for precision, and God’s grace sufficed where lack of talent left great want. In Isaiah 9:6 Jesus is called “wonderful counselor” and I once heard that the word wonderful in this passage means much more than simply ‘miraculous’. The actual definition means it could not have happened without God’s intervention. This resonates deeply with me.

My life, overflowing with innumerable gifts and mercies, evidences this same intervention. The name WonderFull is my reminder to be thankful, humble, and filled with awareness at the beauty and blessings of my God. I am in wonder of him.