Pastor Travel Itineraries Booklet

Overview: A few years ago, Inspiration Cruises & Tours introduced a new arm of advertising and promotion. Rather than simply focusing on attracting passengers to its first-class vacations, the company began marketing its services to the pastors and ministry leaders who would lead these Christian travel experiences. Inspiration needed a comprehensive booklet highlighting the potential destinations and travel experiences that set the company apart from competitors.

…these were the men and women who would ultimately decide to partner with Inspiration for a once-in-a-lifetime Christian travel experience.

Challenge: Some travel organizations will pair ministries with cruise lines or tour groups, re-branding an “off the shelf” travel itinerary as a special event. Inspiration goes far beyond that approach. It relies on an exclusive network of travel suppliers all over the world to offer truly unforgettable experiences in Alaska, the Caribbean, Reformation Europe, the Holy Land, and other spectacular destinations.

For instance, one stop on Inspiration’s popular Reformation Europe itinerary is Wittenberg, Germany. The imposing doors of All Saints’ Church—known as Thesentür, or “the door of the Theses”—are believed to be where Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses, setting in motion the events of the Protestant Reformation. A popular stop for tourists, these memorial doors are usually closed behind an iron gate. Large groups cluster outside this gate, viewing the doors’ exterior from a distance.

The entire booth took it's cue from the booklet's branding.

Inspiration gives tour groups a different experience: The whole group can walk through these doors to the church interior, where a pastor can then deliver a message to his group from the very pulpit Luther used in the 16th century! These kinds of unique opportunities—from 1,000-person luaus in Tahiti to 2,000-person outdoor concerts in Bethlehem—make a trip truly unforgettable. This booklet needed to deliver that difference.

Solution: Using a simple, compelling design, we rewrote Inspiration’s itineraries from the perspectives of the pastor or leader, focusing on how they and their groups could benefit from special access to these spiritually meaningful moments. Everything inside the multi-page, saddle-stitched piece was targeted to the needs, wishes, and desires of decision-makers. After all, these were the men and women who would ultimately decide to partner with Inspiration for a once-in-a-lifetime Christian travel experience.

Result: This booklet became the lead piece for the new sub-brand targeting pastors and ministry leaders. The rest of the collateral—from large trade-show booths to smaller sales brochures and tabletop displays—followed this specific design and perspective.