Maranatha Geological Consultants

Overview: Maranatha Geological Consultants, a leading team of California oil and gas consultants, needed a modern logo to represent their brand on a variety of collateral, from website and business cards to larger applications like banners or vehicle graphics. This consultancy required a clean, readable logo that utilized their lengthy name while also referencing their industry.

Challenge: Designers often have a love-hate relationship with logo work. On one hand, it’s probably the purest form of design. An effective logo must be simple, memorable, and thoughtful, which always makes the design process a fun, engaging challenge. But behind every good logo are perhaps dozens of failed designs. This multi-step undertaking can take hours of design work—in addition to visual research, brainstorming, and conceptualization.

One theme among energy logos is a dynamic cleanliness of design that suggests a brighter future. One hurdle in the way of that simple approach was the name Maranatha, an ancient Aramaic word. With repeating A’s and a lengthy name, I knew minimizing the horizontal and potentially blocky rectilinear shape was going to be a challenge.Alternate Logo for Maranatha Geological Consultants

Solution: The most obvious solution was to start by using a condensed, narrow-width font. In this case, I started with the amazing Norwester Font, then made a few adjustments to the letterforms—especially the A. This approach shortened the width of the logo.

Blue and black are fairly standard colors in the petroleum industry. Blue often represents natural gas. Black, of course, refers to oil, and the client didn’t want to veer too far away from this familiar color scheme. I employed these colors and the gas and oil elements in the unique drop-and-flame shape of the symbol. Then I combined those colors with the bright orange tones of the name. The result? A simple, attractive logo with attention-getting contrast.

Result: Within days of implementing a new website using the finalized logo and symbol, Maranatha secured multiple leads which is as rewarding for the designer as well as the client!