Inspiration Travel Foundation

Overview: Inspiration Cruises & Tours is a Christian travel management company that coordinates group travel experiences for ministries and churches. It’s a unique organization. Working alongside ministries can require a radically different approach than serving for-profit businesses. Having built a reputation for nuanced, personal, and attentive service, Inspiration saw the need for a separate foundation to assist global ministry projects and be a travel-related resource for ministries leading mission trips. This new travel foundation needed a logo.

We recognized a unified passion for travel was rooted in a sense of giving back, which led to the Foundation’s official slogan: Travel That Gives (Back)…

 Challenge: The heart of the Inspiration Travel Foundation was two-fold. First, it wanted to highlight local agencies needing assistance, and having verified those opportunities, present them to travelers. Second, it desired to encourage more travel by listing mission opportunities and ministry outreach programs. Or, as the foundation’s leadership put it, to “give and go.”

Though a brand-new entity separate from Inspiration Cruises & Tours, the audience for the Travel Foundation would already know Inspiration through past travels. The new logo needed to subtly tie in to Inspiration’s current branding—making a connection that boosted the Foundation’s reputation.

Prototype for Inspiration Travel Foundation webite was mostly a blocking of the color palette to see how well it reacted to ministry photos.

Solution: First, the central elements of the new logo would use the same text and type treatment as the existing Inspiration Cruises & Tours logo, to encourage association between the two. The icon portion of the brand, however, would need a fresh approach. We looked at a number of ideas that communicated the “give and go” concept on a global scale. After considering several options, we determined that the purest execution was a map pin pointed down—anchored as a reminder of places one can go. To symbolize the spiritual component of the organization, we flipped half of the pin into an exact replica that pointed up, toward heaven.

The resulting logo fit within the same family as Inspiration Cruises & Tours, but with new imagery that told a new story. We utilized bold, bright color choices: a royal purple as the main color, augmented by blood-red, aqua, and citrus orange accents. This overall execution gave us the freedom to use the logo alongside maps and travel-related images to advertise the Travel Foundation and its causes.

Result: The final branding element arrived as we began toying with the “give and go” concept. We recognized a unified passion for travel was rooted in a sense of giving back, which led to the Foundation’s official slogan: Travel That Gives (Back), reflected in the site’s URL ( Once the website launched, Inspiration Travel Foundation immediately began seeing donations drop into its various causes. Exciting!