Harvest Ministries Travel Brochure

Overview: As creative vice president for Inspiration Cruises & Tours, I’m responsible for the production of printed mailers that introduce potential passengers to unforgettable travel experiences. One of these was a very complex May 2016 itinerary for Harvest Ministries, a high-profile evangelical brand. It combined a Mediterranean cruise with a tour of Israel, along with a pre-cruise extension in Rome and a post-Israel extension in London. Each optional element combined for a mix-and-match trip, or could be combined into one enormous trip (which would be pretty costly). In a single piece, we needed to present these options, destinations, and scheduling in a concise, elegant way.

…This piece needed to be a step up from the sophistication of our usual collateral. It needed to compel…

Challenge: Pastor Greg Laurie and Harvest have largely taken the mantle from the old Billy Graham crusades and launched a new ministry that reaches thousands of people every year. His travel promotion combining a “Footsteps of Paul” Mediterranean Cruise and Israel tour over two weeks was a major event. Passengers who chose to participate in every element of the trip—the optional Rome extensions, the cruise, the Israel tour, and the London extension—would be paying a minimum of $10,000 per person for almost three weeks of travel. That’s a huge investment of time and money.

Because this investment wouldn’t appeal to just everybody, this piece needed to be a step up from the sophistication of our usual collateral. It needed to compel someone of significant financial means to think twice about the experience.

The arrangement of the itinerary itself was also very complicated. We had to fit pages and pages of content into a very small space, from dates and destinations to package options and prices. Keeping these options clear—and designing a visually compelling piece that didn’t feel cramped—required an immense amount of attention to layout.

Solution: In addition to selecting the most inviting photos to illustrate these international destinations, we also employed a soft-touch aqueous coating with a spot UV gloss to call special attention to the photos and headlines. These tactile details helped convey the luxury of the experience.

As for layout, we chose to promote the details of the cruise and tour on the “main” pages of the brochure, while stitching in smaller panels that advertised the pre-tour Rome extension and post-Israel London extension. This segmented out the options in chronological order, keeping the flow of information clear.

Result: The finished product ended up being both beautiful and functional. Response to every aspect of the upcoming 2016 trip has been very positive, and the ministry loved it.