Dan Borgstadt, MD

Overview: A Fresno-area primary care physician, Daniel Borgstadt, MD, embarked on a new path in his long-standing medical career, transforming his traditional practice into concierge medicine. His goal was to return a quality and thoroughness to his medical practice—an approach that had become difficult due to changes in the modern healthcare industry. Dr. Borgstadt needed a unique brand for his new practice.

Challenge: Few things satisfy me more than getting engrossed in a logo design. The process of developing a logo requires some method, and most often I find that new customers prefer simple, single choices (this font, or this font) over large global ones. Despite the steps involved, simplicity is necessary to ensure the brand remains clear and communicative. Only the most memorable logos cut through the clutter.

Final Round of logos for Dan Borgstadt MD

Dr. Borgstadt is rated in the top percentile of local doctors by three online reviewing websites. Professionalism and trust are key aspects of his reputation. However, concierge medicine is intensely focused on personalized care and accessibility. That meant this brandmark needed to be friendly while also conveying the seriousness of his expertise. The challenge was to create a warm, comfortable design that didn’t neutralize Dr. Borgstadt’s well-earned proficiency.

Solution: Decades ago, the Art Deco style of visual arts relied on beautiful geometric shapes and symmetry to convey technological advancement. The strong, solid design style is now familiar—we’ve grown comfortable with it—which made it an intriguing option for Dr. Borgstadt’s brandmark. We took an Art Deco approach to the letterforms, intertwining the doctor’s initials in an endless loop. By selecting a deep burgundy and warm gray color palette, we called to mind an inviting, rich presence, especially when combined with silver foil on his business cards and brochures.

Result: Since launching his new concierge approach to medicine, Dr. Borgstadt has rejuvenated his medical career. Previously he had become burdened by the lack of time he could give patients. Today, he is able to offer more care and personal attention than ever before, and the rebranding has been a significant part of his rediscovery of joy in his work as a physician.