Couples Retreats

Overview: Hume Ministries has offered me a number of challenging and fulfilling design opportunities. This Christian ministry operates an impressive number of youth camps and adult retreats at properties in California, New England, Hawaii, and elsewhere. Many of these are annual, well-known events—alone, Hume Lake in California has more than 60 different annual retreats—and require their own sub-branding within the Hume universe. Hume tasked me with creating a logo for its Couples Retreats, the camp’s largest annual adult conference in the spring and fall.

We needed an iconic symbol—one that was distinctly Hume—to communicate a deepening relationship.

Challenge: As annual camps grew in size, Hume realized that some needed their own unique visual identity to set them apart. With the popular Couples Retreats, we needed a visual metaphor that told the story of what happens during these transformational events. When husbands and wives took a purposeful pause from their lives, carving out time to pursue God together and deepen their marriage, amazing things happened. But how do you communicate that visually?

We were quickly overwhelmed by options as we brainstormed. Most ideas skewed toward clichéd visuals of trees, branches, flowers, and other natural thriving things. The images felt no different than something any other camp, church, or ministry might use. We needed an iconic symbol—one that was distinctly Hume—to communicate a deepening relationship.

The lakeside adirondack chairs are symbols of the rest and bonding that happens when visitors sit and share time and scenery together.

Solution: I looked through hundreds of photos from Hume conferences before encountering exactly what I was looking for. The lakefront on Hume’s California property is surrounded by double Adirondack chairs. During Couples Retreats, these simple, iconic chairs are filled with couples. Husbands and wives sit together praying, talking, laughing, reading their Bibles, or just spending time with each other. These quiet, personal moments are essential to the retreat experience—and they are quintessential Hume. These chairs were ideal for the logo.

To execute my vision, I hired a very talented artist from the Ukraine to create the logo illustration. His unique style, expertise with shape, and attention to detail gave the logo a depth and substance that Hume absolutely loved.

Result: All of us were pleased with the resulting logo and identity. Even today at Hume, you’ll see couples sitting together in the Adirondack chairs around the lake, doing the hard work of talking, dreaming, and strengthening their marriages. For me, the reward of a successful logo pales in comparison to the moments I know they’re sharing together on these life-changing retreats.