Assorted Brochures

The Lakeview Brochure listed all the summer's activities for Hume Lake's conference center, and was their largest print run every year.

The magic of print.

Ours is now a digital world. Does print still matter?

Yes. In fact, I would argue it matters more than ever. For a decade, we’ve been hearing about the death of print…and yet today we still see traditional, physical businesses handing out business cards and mailing postcards. Even online businesses and startups continue to connect with new consumers through printed materials—from business cards to stickers. That’s because the tactile, tangible power of print is so much more substantial than pixelated advertising. Print communicates a class and quality in a way that pixels cannot.

Interacting with a piece in your hands still generates a deeper connection than seeing a visual on a screen. That’s why I love print.  

Since 1998 I’ve had the privilege of designing printed booklets, annual reports, brochures, albums, postcards, rack cards, tags, banners, labels, folders, bags, and every kind of promotional paraphernalia you can imagine. I relish the challenge of the dreaded “Blank White Page”—and the process of taming it in order to create beautiful, functional printed collateral. These few projects represent a smattering of print pieces from recent years.