Adventure Programs

Thousands of campers arrive at Hume Lake each summer looking for an escape. But some of these young people have more than relaxation on their agendas: they need adventure.

Hume Lake offers campers the opportunity to step away from their everyday lives. For those students seeking physical challenge and more extreme adventure, the camp developed the Adventure Programs focused on sports and extreme outdoor activities.The apparel brand had it's own identity tagline and the brandmark worked even in the smallest applications.

The Challenge: Designing an iconic element to stand for a known experience is always a challenge. The Adventure Programs needed a strong brand that complemented the Hume Lake brand while standing apart as a unique track that appealed to the young people interested in facing a challenge, building strength, and embarking on an adventure. As an icon, the brandmark also needed to convey safety to parents and support the long list of outdoor recreation programs at Hume Lake while remaining simple enough to distill into a small mark for apparel labels.

The Solution: After spending days sketching logos focused primarily around the letters A and P from the name, trees, and outdoor elements, nothing fit, not even with rough or distressed edges to hint at the extreme part of the program. None of these designs did everything we needed them to do. I had hit a wall and needed to uncover a new thread of inspiration. I took my camera and headed out onto the ropes course to get an up-close-and-personal view of the real product. As I traversed the course, I looked down at the carabiner in my hand and noticed the way it looked like a lowercase “a” in its open state. I knew immediately that I had found the icon that said everything in one simple image.

The Result: I developed the open carabiner logo into a complete brand identity for the Adventure Programs. It represents all the experiences that edgy outdoorsmen seek, and would experience, during their time in the Adventure Program. The brand tagline “Faith isn’t Faith until its all you’re holding onto” emphasizes the Hume Lake ethic and its connection to the carabiner symbol. I also developed the brand into an apparel line under the Adventure Programs label. We design a new t-shirt each year, each sporting the label (shown in gallery) on the shirt sleeve. A final feather in this project’s cap: the logo was included in LogoLounge’s Master Library print compilation of 3000 Initial & Crest Logos (find it on pg. 33 here).