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Feel free to contact me with any questions or a new project proposal. Calls are typically returned within 48 hours.

hello (at) wonderfullstudios dot com

When can we get started?

Most projects take between a couple weeks to a few months. I restrict myself to one project at a time, and new clients may occasionally need to wait a short while until I finish pre-existing design work.

Really? One project at a time?

Yep, one. Quality design takes undivided attention, and working on one project at a time allows me to give each project everything I have. Restricting myself helps guarantee the level of craftsmanship stays first-class in every detail, and I hand pick projects that fit my strengths. 

What types of projects are preferred?

Branding and high-quality print projects best utilize my talents, but I love working on any type of redesign. Creative projects, and anything that involves original presentation and striking photography catch my eye first.