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The New Coolest Keyboard Ever

For almost $2,000 you should be able to control your house’s air conditioning with this. For now, here’s the skinny from Optimus Tactus:

Note: I believe the website updated to confirm that this is just a CONCEPT keyboard and there is no cost. I’m sure the concept manufacturer will take your concept cash if you send it in concept mail, but you’re still out of luck. :(

Hand Cramps and a Box of Xacto Blades

It’s not “work” if you love it, right?

Even better, it’s not work if someone else does it and you love it. That’s how I feel about this promo—absolutely stunning. Having formerly building a brand around wood textures and expressions, I immediately fell in love with this piece.

…And appreciated even more the time and effort to make the mockups. Some poor die-cutting madman will have to make this work in real life at an exorbitant cost, but it might still be worth it. Wish I could have one of these for my idea bin. LOVE.

Original Post Here.

Recipe for Success: Jump. Snap.

A letter to my former employer:

Hume is doing a great job from what I can see of “riding the wave” of what’s fashionable. I think your designers could even be Creators someday—not just recombining what’s cool into something currently trendy, but start shaping a new curve. Time will tell. I don’t think I ever shaped—just recombined. My skill isn’t so much in creation as in redaction & analysis.

here’s a quick page that made me think of all this—simple street “performers” doing jumps. infinitely applicable for endless variety. you’ll see it in random places—it’s already hit the street (bad pun intended): Jump.Snap.


Horror With Hilarity

Okay, so maybe it’s not that funny. Mabye it is.

It must have been two years or so ago that I came across the Gashlycrumb Tinies for the first time. Totally gave us a stop-what-you’re-doing-and-come-check-these-out moment in the graphics office, where everyone huddled over my shoulder to read the alphabetized taglines. Not since the Darwin Awards has gruesome been so good. Another day brightener (despite the dark subject matter).

Amazing Topical News/Blog Aggregator

So, in case you have an unfounded aversion to Google Reader—or you simply can’t read—and you’ve been asking yourself why there isn’t another aggregator of news feeds and topical blogs… (deep breath) …then you’ve come to the right place: meet rocks. It uses a (claimed) sophisticated algorithm (what doesn’t these days) to winnow thru thousands of news/blog feeds to post the best according to industry standards and value. Choose from one of a host of topics to drill down into a category that suits your fancy, like photography (for me) as seen below. It really is amazing…there’s no way to read all this!

The Other Side

It’s been 25+ years since I spent this much time flipping back and forth between pages, looking for little nuances and trivia that no one else may notice. I used to be obsessive about finding EVERY “change” on the back Highlights magazines in doctor waiting rooms and at nap time, and it was with similar joy that I discovered and read “The Other side” this morning on LookyBook. Istvan Banyai’s illustrations are great, but his creativity and fun imagination are what sparked my interest. I absolutely loved this.

Birds Never Get Tired

Birds and trees are images I never tire of seeing, as long as they’re done in new and interesting ways. Scott Hansen has done a number of sweet posters and tshirt designs incorporating these elements. Naturally I have to love his work as a result.

Today I came across this most amazing video–sick animations and all nature themed! Oh, sooo great! A few scenes of this were reminiscent of the animated movie Renaissance. Overall, this is an amazing video!

YouTube Preview Image

Turned on By Accents?

Yes, it’s one of those late-night college conversations I remember having—and being embarrassed by. What is it about an accent that makes it…um…sexy? Well, if that’s something you identify with, be careful: this girl has 24 accents!

I thot this was hilarious, cool, and … ahem, worth viewing.

YouTube Preview Image

Photo Book Resources

Fancy yourself a photographer? Prove it. Make a photobook.

When I first saw the title of the original post, I was thinking of Snapfish photo books, or some other more commercialized and less artistic endeavor. Something in my price range.

But then, my mind went all marketing and Commercializing on me (note capital). Two main resources here, on a list of publishers, the other, of books from publishers. So much to see!

Photo Book Publisher’s Showcase

Photo Book Publishers: A List

The same list, here for ease of use:

21ST Editions
Dewi Lewis
Kehrer Verlag
Loosestrife Editions
Power House pH
Quantuck Lane
Twin Palms
Umbrage Editions

Photo Eye publishes a newsletter with upcoming releases. Always a good resource.

Drawing With Tape

Try this with duct tape? This was one of those little gems that got a “well done” nod from me when I saw it. Wish I had come up with the idea. Wish I had executed. Wish, wish, wish.

Now I’m gonna be drawing images with my masking tape, wherever I go. No, that’s not a euphemism. Entire post here.

Just found the originator of this art style = Mark Khaisman. His galleries are amazing and totally rock. Check them out here!

Coolest Mirror I’ve Ever Not Seen Myself In

Okay, that sounds totally pretentious and aggrandizing. Truth is, I hate seeing myself in reflections, photos, video, ice sculptures. Maybe I should learn to love myself more. Maybe.

If there WAS a mirror (and we’re using that term loosely here) I could enjoy seeing my reflection in, this would be it. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long, long time. Check out the original post here.

New Extreme Passtime

Being a bachelor, certain things are a certain must—like cooking for myself, vacuuming after myself, and ironing (not myself).

Along those lines, I’ve just caught wind of a fun new trend trying to make lemonade from lemon stains. See the new Extreme Ironing website that’s all aglow from spotless shininess!

Religion and Design

Well, design and religion (or church, or …) have been colliding for centuries—as churches tapped into the effectiveness of the image to influence. Some might even say, with religion driving the art crusades for centuries, that secular design is the odd man out. Regardless, I’ve seen a few instances of culture-church design clashes lately, and figured I’d post them together. These are sad instances, fyi.

Religion Bookshelf

We Don’t Know T-shirt

More to come…

Fast Links for Today

Three super duper fast links for the avid designer (not exactly sure why “avid” makes sense here…).

Data Visualization Compendium
Super well organized page of various data/information visualization methods. More here.
I’ve been reading Lynda’s work for probably 8 years now. She’s warehoused a lot of talent and teaching here. Super-duper cool.

Never heard of these guys ’til today, but that doesn’t mean they’re second-rate. Still, looks like a LOT here.

Humor in Corporate America

There’s not much that is actually funny in my day-to-day job. I’ve left a comfortable, simple place (Hume) and moved into what feels very business, corporate and stiff. I design in an environment where everyone lives by Word, Excel and utilizes spreadsheets for efficiency.

None of these are bad things…they’re just not me.

Today, however, there was something to lift my spirits. Across the Outlook/Entourage network I live by was broadcasted a signal of supreme joy. Forget why this was written—and I TRULY regret missing the first of the series as it didn’t have the RE: or FW: before the message.

Still, I LOL’d in my executive leather chair.

I had (some) fun at work today because of this little note from my Entourage messager thingie.