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Google Does Life

I’m pretty amazed by Google’s hosting of Life’s historical photo archives (going all the way back to the 1860s). If you haven’t seen this, check it out. A-Freakin-Mazing.


Book Cover Archive

Really rad archive of book cover designs here. You’ll never guess the URL: Yep, or go here.

Great resource for modern graphics.



Threadless & TypeTees



I’ve been spending a bit of time looking at fun, new t-shirts from creatives and designers (not big corporate companies) and thot you might like them as well. go here to see the catalog Threadless Catalog


• Shop if you want, but if you want to submit a phrase for your own t-shirt click here ($500 to you if they choose it!):

• then, start typing funny phrases, anything you think others would wear on a t-shirt.

Lemme know if you do and I’ll vote for your (good) slogans :)

Mirror Image of Confusion

More from Gems Sty, but this time a video prank in a women’s bathroom. From their site:

The mirror in the toilet was replaced by a window pane. The gray lady’s identical twin is in an identically set-up room on the opposite side, mirroring her every move. Everybody who walks in get ultra confused.

YouTube Preview Image

Pretty clever and hilarious to watch as these women process what makes absolutely no sense. :)

Studio K Portfolio

Just saw links to this design studio in Poland doing amazing work. Comparatively, my design is soooooo ’90s. Ugh. Web portfolio here: Studio K.

The Studio K was born into 2006 from l’ association of Krzysztof Domaradzki and Eliza Domaradzka, two graduates of l’ University of Poznań in Poland. Two years later only, the graphic studio s’ is quickly specialized in the webdesign and exposes an impressive portfolio.

Anyway, enjoy their work (a smattering represented below).



quoted text and links from visual evasion.

When Legos Lust

I almost peed myself when I saw this whole re-interpretation of the bible using Legos. Not sure why the lust one was my favorite, but they’re all good. See them here.

More random favorite scenes below.

Above: self explanatory (in Biblical terms). Below: from the parable of the many murders. I LOVE the face of the evil one behind the axe (not holding it).

Above: don’t look at the wives of others. Below: Jesus gets baptized by John the Baptist (love his eyes) and the Spirt of God descends on him like a dove (or parrot).

NYPL Digital Online Library

Have I mentioned my ephemera-fascination? Not all things old, just the cool ones.

The New York Public Library just stepped up and delivered an online database of images spanning back thru history. Amazing (especially for designers who like this stuff)! Searching for “cyrillic” gave me this image:

… and searching for 1950 gave me photos of zillions of people I don’t even know!

Check it out next time you need something visually oldschool. Even if it’s way oldschool.


Designer Jobs Aggregator

All Graphic Design (the soon-to-be compendium of all things graphics-related) just posted a designer job aggregator from a number of the larger online freelance job sites. If you need work as a designer, check it out. Do notice you have to follow links from the list back to each job—posting on All Graphic Design won’t help you one bit. It may make you feel better, like you did something productive, but that feeling would lead you astray. Probably into a morass of some kind. Plus, you’d never get work.

See the aggregated list here and a note about it here.

Color Me (freaking) Amazed

You’d think after the movie Pleasantville, the world would have embraced color as the new Jesus. It has (it’s got nothin’ on Jesus, fyi).

Resources like have worked hard to provide support for designers needing to match a specific color palette (even a specific hex color), for advertising and/or branding considerations. Their color space recognition in the advanced search is pretty sophisticated (read more here).

MultiColr Search Lab from Idee Labs has come up with a way to search Flickr based on color. Totally freaking awesome, they’ve compiled Flickr’s database and sorted by color so you can find photos for yourself.

One can only imagine Flickr becoming the new web 2.0 stock photo repository. Tools like this make it that much more usable.

Resources for Freelance Designers

Most of this meat for this comes from and their post of over 200 resources for Freelancers (see the blog here). Some of the specific content comes to you, with love, from CMD+SHIFT blog.

Here’s what I liked best (text is theirs):

Twidda: Online brainstorming whiteboards for free.

Screenflow is a screencasting software for Mac. I’ve never used this, but understand you can use this when giving a client instructions (like making a customized tutorial for them to use their CMS) or with collaborating designers to give feedback on projects.

You can purchase it for $99 or try out the 14 day trial here. This program becomes very useful when you need to talk with visual concepts but are not able to meet with the client/designer in person, and it gives them the power to review the feedback at their own pace and on their own time.

Use Write Maps to make information webs to organize information, brainstorm, etc. Share the map and allow others to edit it, export it to a PDF or just print it straight from the site. Information architecture, project scope, branding.

I’ve never used What the Font? but have tried Identifont a number of times (to varying levels of success). Instead of uploading an image you just answer a series of questions about the typeface whose name escapes you.

Just plug in your URL and XML-Sitemap Maker gives you a XML sitemap.

allows you to send clients contract via email, they can virtually sign then and send them right back—for a paper-free office. For your less tech savvy clients, they can also print it out and fax it to your own personal EchoSign fax number. The contract will show up in your Inbox once the fax goes through, and Echosign keeps a log of all your contracts.

Another Fav Blog

I just did my “fav 6 blogs” post, but I came across another fav. Rather than re-post, I’ll add it in here:

GRAIN EDIT: I love all the ephemera-inspired design (or just true ephemera). Not only is this retro the new hip, this is a great source for it—pulling from all over. I’ve always liked old stuff better—and have been a collector of this type of materials for years (most is gone now). Love it.

Best 6 Blogs

I once read voraciously—but only in little snippets (now). At one point a Dostoevsky novel was a good read. Now, it’s an overwhelming monstrosity I can barely comprehend. My brain is slowly decomposing.

So, the new medium for me is blogs (and everyone else, yes). Here are my top six for the time being:

DYSKE: brilliantly written critical thinking, philosophy and pop culture articles to jog deeper thoughts, flitting under the surface of life like koi fish in a pond.

FFFFOUND: a multi-user compendium of things to be seen. a virutal candy store of visual offerings from all over the net [beware: occasional "artistic" images]

POSITIVE SPACE: critical thinking in relation to graphics and visual design. well written and superbly thought out.

A PHOTO EDITOR: short dissertations on the industry surrounding photography with special focus on publications, news editorials. deeply involved and poignantly focused. excellent.

CHURCH OF THE CONSUMER: marketing analysis and clear thoughts on word of mouth marketing in a social network minded world. good reviews of other material.

OMG POSTERS: constantly revolving eye-candy made by true artists. this is the inspiration storehouse for items I want on my walls.

Bad Usability for Web = Losability

So, the original content for this post–originally housed at the Wichita Psychology Dept–has moved. They’re posting large amounts of studies on web usability.

I’m guessing they haven’t gotten to the “don’t move content” section yet.

Regardless, there is a plethora of info to be read, reviewed, and assimilated (no, I’m not comparing them to the Borg…yet). You can find it all here: in the archives area.