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What is WonderBranding

I doubt that I’ve coined a new phrase (who could in today’s term-infused vocabulary?), but I’m wrapping my daily ideas and inspirations for how to fill your brand with helpful day-to-day insights WonderBranding. Like the bread, but with even more nutritional goodness. You’ll see these little insights peppered all throughout the rest of the blog, lying as they fell like fall leaves in the forest. I hope you sample and enjoy each one! 

Notes on Directing

[slideshare id=1214538&doc=notesondirecting-090328113859-phpapp02]

There’s a bit of connect-the-dots required for interpreting this book thru the eyes of a leadership seminar, but they’re there. Many great excerpted quotes also typed into the comments area under the video on this page… I think you’ll like. (Don’t tell me if you don’t—I enjoy a certain amount of blissful ignorance).

Here are a few of my fav quotes:

• “You are the leader, but you are not alone. The other artists are there to contribute. Use them.”
• “Actors and others will follow you even if they disagree with your direction. They will not follow you if you are afraid to lead.”
• “Directing is mostly casting. There is not a more important single decision you will make during the production than who you will put into a role.”
• “Rather than correcting your actors all the time, get in the habit of frequently telling them what they’re doing right.”

One in 8 Million – New York Characters in Sound and Images

I am totally blown away by this photo essay! It captures the very thing I love most about photography: life. Capturing a moment, and in one still frame, telling a notable story.

This kind of photo (video) and sound documentary is exactly what we used to do for fund raising at Hume Lake—and while I sometimes had a small hand in the process, I was still always amazed by the impact of each video at final project viewing. I would expect the NYT to rock this, and they have. Each intro sound byte is the perfect (okay, I had one change suggestion) intro into each character. Have you ever considered how to summarize a story as complex as a person in 20 photographs? Like syllables in a haiku, every pixel counts. Now reduce from color to black and white—even more focus. Now, add back in sound: their own voices summarizing some aspect of their lives. So stunning.


Thanks Caitlin for posting on this today.

Louis C.K. is Hilarious

Some hilarity (thanks Nole) from Louis C.K. about modern life and how great it is (really!). On Conan.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.788750&w=425&h=350&]

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So. I’ve been spending a bit of time looking at fun, new t-shirts from creatives and designers (not big corporate companies) and thot you might like them as well. go here to see the catalog.


• Shop if you want, but if you want to submit a phrase for your own t-shirt click here ($500 to you if they choose it!):

• then, start typing funny phrases, anything you think others would wear on a t-shirt.

Lemme know if you do and I’ll vote for your (good) slogans :)

You just watch.

I’ll be getting one of the new iMacs they’re announcing soon. Trust me.

Amazing Hands

I have this sense that I’m overly serious. If you need convincing see my other blog. In order to balance this (or attempt) I’ve posted some ridiculousness from life200ns that made me laugh today.


Intricasy Meets Obsession

Just saw this post on Veer, which means the whole world of designers has now seen it. Regardless, it’s amazing and worth viewing. As quoted on their site:

Almost everyone has professed an attention to detail at some point, but few could match the meticulous nature of of Hina Aoyama’s paper cutouts. Her delicate creations have been carefully pinned, pressed, framed, or encased – then photographed – for your viewing pleasure.

Depth of Focus

I just watched this awesome time lapse from the Genius blog (video Beached by Keith Loutit). They mention it in the specific entry, but there’s a weird depth of focus on this lens (tilt-shift), which creates a really cool (or weird) playmobile effect to the whole film.

Crazy. See the whole thing here. (I have no idea how to embed these things…)

Good Design

Good design captures the essence of something to convey the intended message to the target audience.

I could also just say I love this.


Google Reader Backed Up

I have over a thousand blog entries stacked up on my Google Reader and don’t know what to do. It’s overwhelming. It’s why I’ve not posted recently. It’s so bad GR won’t even give me a real number of how many unread posts I have; it just says 1000+.

Like all 3.7 of you care. <g>

Hand Cramps and a Box of Xacto Blades

It’s not “work” if you love it, right?

Even better, it’s not work if someone else does it and you love it. That’s how I feel about this promo—absolutely stunning. Having formerly building a brand around wood textures and expressions, I immediately fell in love with this piece.

…And appreciated even more the time and effort to make the mockups. Some poor die-cutting madman will have to make this work in real life at an exorbitant cost, but it might still be worth it. Wish I could have one of these for my idea bin. LOVE.

Original Post Here.

The Other Side

It’s been 25+ years since I spent this much time flipping back and forth between pages, looking for little nuances and trivia that no one else may notice. I used to be obsessive about finding EVERY “change” on the back Highlights magazines in doctor waiting rooms and at nap time, and it was with similar joy that I discovered and read “The Other side” this morning on LookyBook. Istvan Banyai’s illustrations are great, but his creativity and fun imagination are what sparked my interest. I absolutely loved this.

Birds Never Get Tired

Birds and trees are images I never tire of seeing, as long as they’re done in new and interesting ways. Scott Hansen has done a number of sweet posters and tshirt designs incorporating these elements. Naturally I have to love his work as a result.

Today I came across this most amazing video–sick animations and all nature themed! Oh, sooo great! A few scenes of this were reminiscent of the animated movie Renaissance. Overall, this is an amazing video!

YouTube Preview Image

Drawing With Tape

Try this with duct tape? This was one of those little gems that got a “well done” nod from me when I saw it. Wish I had come up with the idea. Wish I had executed. Wish, wish, wish.

Now I’m gonna be drawing images with my masking tape, wherever I go. No, that’s not a euphemism. Entire post here.

Just found the originator of this art style = Mark Khaisman. His galleries are amazing and totally rock. Check them out here!