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When Legos Lust

I almost peed myself when I saw this whole re-interpretation of the bible using Legos. Not sure why the lust one was my favorite, but they’re all good. See them here.

More random favorite scenes below.

Above: self explanatory (in Biblical terms). Below: from the parable of the many murders. I LOVE the face of the evil one behind the axe (not holding it).

Above: don’t look at the wives of others. Below: Jesus gets baptized by John the Baptist (love his eyes) and the Spirt of God descends on him like a dove (or parrot).

The New Coolest Keyboard Ever

For almost $2,000 you should be able to control your house’s air conditioning with this. For now, here’s the skinny from Optimus Tactus:

Note: I believe the website updated to confirm that this is just a CONCEPT keyboard and there is no cost. I’m sure the concept manufacturer will take your concept cash if you send it in concept mail, but you’re still out of luck. :(

Amazing Topical News/Blog Aggregator

So, in case you have an unfounded aversion to Google Reader—or you simply can’t read—and you’ve been asking yourself why there isn’t another aggregator of news feeds and topical blogs… (deep breath) …then you’ve come to the right place: meet rocks. It uses a (claimed) sophisticated algorithm (what doesn’t these days) to winnow thru thousands of news/blog feeds to post the best according to industry standards and value. Choose from one of a host of topics to drill down into a category that suits your fancy, like photography (for me) as seen below. It really is amazing…there’s no way to read all this!