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One in 8 Million – New York Characters in Sound and Images

I am totally blown away by this photo essay! It captures the very thing I love most about photography: life. Capturing a moment, and in one still frame, telling a notable story.

This kind of photo (video) and sound documentary is exactly what we used to do for fund raising at Hume Lake—and while I sometimes had a small hand in the process, I was still always amazed by the impact of each video at final project viewing. I would expect the NYT to rock this, and they have. Each intro sound byte is the perfect (okay, I had one change suggestion) intro into each character. Have you ever considered how to summarize a story as complex as a person in 20 photographs? Like syllables in a haiku, every pixel counts. Now reduce from color to black and white—even more focus. Now, add back in sound: their own voices summarizing some aspect of their lives. So stunning.


Thanks Caitlin for posting on this today.