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Wedding Style Encyclopedia

I have a lot of friends who are wedding photographers. They know how to take great photos, how to edit amazing shots, how to build incredible books, videos, websites. They know how to network, market, schmoooze biz style. They do it all.

Now, to help them (and every bride out there), a sweet new blog has appeared. No, not overnight; I mean appeared on my radar. Those of you who take wedding photos for a living (or design invitations) need to be cued in to style too (you know this). Ride the wave of trends. Follow them here, at Style Me Pretty Blog. Enjoy!

Threadless & TypeTees



I’ve been spending a bit of time looking at fun, new t-shirts from creatives and designers (not big corporate companies) and thot you might like them as well. go here to see the catalog Threadless Catalog


• Shop if you want, but if you want to submit a phrase for your own t-shirt click here ($500 to you if they choose it!):

• then, start typing funny phrases, anything you think others would wear on a t-shirt.

Lemme know if you do and I’ll vote for your (good) slogans :)

Telling a Better Story, by Dandelion

I just read an overview of a studio named Dandelion who purports to excel at storytelling. The complexity of their promotions is staggering from the perspective of a small fry. It’s big business….but it all comes back (down) to reaching the heart. As stated on the PSFK blog:

Brands today need to be transparent, accessible, human. This is what consumers relate to. These commercials aim to tap into these same ideals by bringing brands to life and appealing to our emotions. If they succeed, will we soon be TiVoing commercials and skipping the shows?

Check out the WORK section on Dandelion’s website and navigate thru the sub-menu icons to read the story on each product they worked with. Pretty inspiring (and scary).


Another example of this comes from Gems Sty and their preview of a short film about a deaf Thai girl who learns to play the violin. See the article here.

YouTube Preview Image

Great story and moving right? Emotive? Connective?

Yep, it’s an ad.

Your Network is Your Net Worth

At one point I thought I actually coined this phrase. Unbeknownst to me, it was already a done deal. In fact, I was probably dufus #374 to “think” it up.

Regardless, there’s some merit to it, unless you prescribe to a more religious leaning where God is the only contact you need. Even then, there’s all that talk about us being created as a body to work together…

Regardless (x2), I’ve been so impressed with my friends this week. In two separate queries, one on altimeter watches and one on email campaign technicalities, I’ve had people send me amazing advice. Suunto and Campaign Monitor, fyi.

Regardless (x3): I have amazing friends, am blessed, and am so thankful they’re willing to spend time in their day to share with me and help.

There is no regardless (x4).

Well-Chosen Words

Marketing: it’s all about how you present your story.

Check out this short flick I just saw promoted on Veer (which means it’s now ubiquitous in the design underworld—or is that the design overworld??):

YouTube Preview Image
It’s all, all, all about story full of the human element–building with some curiosity and suspense right to the end. Great camera angles, nice lite music–but a few well-chosen words can change the tenor of everything. This applies to everything and is the essence of marketing (and advertising, and, and, and …)
(credits: Alonso Alvarez Barreda’s award-winning short film Historia de un Letrero (The Story of a Sign) More from the Veer site here.

Solid Writing Skills Include Using the Word “Sex”

Was reading this essay today on “How to Say Nothing in 500 Words” and had a guffaw almost slip out of my mouth when I read the following line (good thing I was eating a croissant).

All subjects, except sex, are dull until somebody makes them interesting.

Great essay… something you should probably read. Just watch out for that one line stuck deep in the middle.

Direct Marketing Mission Statement

This is totally inconsequential, but poignant and well-written nonetheless. Hence, it’s copied here:

Direct marketing is all about response. Based on communicating an offer directly to targeted prospects, direct marketing provides a clear call-to-action with a goal of generating measurable responses. Whether online or off, direct marketing in the form of mail, email, package inserts, magazine and newspaper ads—you name it—is governed by the same principles, with sometimes minor changes being all that’s required to significantly increase response.