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Great Vintage Font Resource

Letterhead Fonts specializes in old style custom fonts perfect for signage and vintage applications. I’ve loved their type for a long time and have purchased from them in the past.

Make sure you tip your hat to the porter on the way out and give him a wide grin!

Building Better Type

Months ago I saw some cool type graphics at Veer and made a mental note to go back and revisit. I guess I lost the note, because it took another blogger (anon) to remind me.

Visually stunning, these image-builds are all from letters. It’s possible this one was of the subconscious influences of my Bloodlines tree for Trigger’s latest album artwork (below), but honestly I don’t know (or think so). Is there really any new ideas?

Regardless, these were cool. CameronMoll (original site) here and the Veer minisite here. Enjoy.