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Environmental Design

I know this is old hat and has been thru all the interwebs a bazillion times. Still, really really cool.


Check out this amazing way-finding-system for the Eureka Tower Carpark in Melbourne. The distorted letters on the wall can be read perfectly when standing at the right position. This project won several international design awards and is the brainchild of Axel Peemoeller. Brilliant!


CRBlog posted on this yesterday and I’m fascinated by it: The Apifera. “Apifera” is a botanical term given to flowers that are specifically designed to attract bees. There’s an interesting analogy made with this storefront window to shoppers and a store.

Pulling text from the CR website:

“Here’s an interesting architecture-meets-horticulture analogy. If consumers are bees and shops are plants, then shop windows are the pretty flowers that aim to attract our attention and draw us in. At least that’s the thinking behind the latest installation to be unveiled at of London’s Selfridges. “The Apifera is a responsive window that takes inspiration from the science of attraction developed in flowers,” explains its designer Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, “hence the complex fractal geometry and the work’s ability to respond and change its breathing rate according to the daylight and passersby”…

Behind the impressive collage of meticulously folder blue paper is a micro-controller running an Arduino program (a physical computing platform that is used to create stand-alone interactive objects) and an array of computer fans that generate the artwork’s movement”

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Super Cool Minimalist Signage

Ever since my days in architecture I’ve been drawn to a form of minimalism. If you’ve ever worked with me you’ll think I’m flat-out lying—but my attraction to minimalism (aside from the pure aesthetic) is that I can’t do it, or do it well. I over complicate everything; it’s my spiritual gift.

Anyway, this made me ohhh and ahhh. Now that has to be one powerful light, and I’m not sure how it looks in daylight, but regardless—this took some serious thought and work to make a final look this amazing.

I’m not sure this is “good” design—just very unique and creative.