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Clear Writing Tips

I can’t for the life of me remember where I first saw the link to this website. Sadly, some undeserving blogger from my list of 50 will have to go unmentioned.

There’s a short list of very simple (some might say obvious) guidelines for writing good copy written by Tiffani Jones. Worth of linking to and passing on.

Check them out here.

Contributing to a Group Story

For writers, there’s never enough time to fully flesh out your ideas.

Enter Web 2.0 and the community of the internet. Enter Enter collectively writing a story. It’s a cool premise. I won’t spell out all the details—but you can jump in on any story, write the next chapter, and if the group likes it best (over other submissions) you’re a partial author.

Whatever that means.

Check it out here.

Solid Writing Skills Include Using the Word “Sex”

Was reading this essay today on “How to Say Nothing in 500 Words” and had a guffaw almost slip out of my mouth when I read the following line (good thing I was eating a croissant).

All subjects, except sex, are dull until somebody makes them interesting.

Great essay… something you should probably read. Just watch out for that one line stuck deep in the middle.