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Updated ‘Best’ List

Heyall. Doubt anyone is following (still) after my lapse of like, oh, 3+ months. However, to reinvigorate the dwindling cares of all 4 of you, I’ve invested a bit of time into a Page I’ll be updating regularly, as I add new categories and find better content. Best thing is, the page is static. You can always find it here:

The Best List.


One in 8 Million – New York Characters in Sound and Images

I am totally blown away by this photo essay! It captures the very thing I love most about photography: life. Capturing a moment, and in one still frame, telling a notable story.

This kind of photo (video) and sound documentary is exactly what we used to do for fund raising at Hume Lake—and while I sometimes had a small hand in the process, I was still always amazed by the impact of each video at final project viewing. I would expect the NYT to rock this, and they have. Each intro sound byte is the perfect (okay, I had one change suggestion) intro into each character. Have you ever considered how to summarize a story as complex as a person in 20 photographs? Like syllables in a haiku, every pixel counts. Now reduce from color to black and white—even more focus. Now, add back in sound: their own voices summarizing some aspect of their lives. So stunning.


Thanks Caitlin for posting on this today.

Wedding Style Encyclopedia

I have a lot of friends who are wedding photographers. They know how to take great photos, how to edit amazing shots, how to build incredible books, videos, websites. They know how to network, market, schmoooze biz style. They do it all.

Now, to help them (and every bride out there), a sweet new blog has appeared. No, not overnight; I mean appeared on my radar. Those of you who take wedding photos for a living (or design invitations) need to be cued in to style too (you know this). Ride the wave of trends. Follow them here, at Style Me Pretty Blog. Enjoy!

Studio K Portfolio

Just saw links to this design studio in Poland doing amazing work. Comparatively, my design is soooooo ’90s. Ugh. Web portfolio here: Studio K.

The Studio K was born into 2006 from l’ association of Krzysztof Domaradzki and Eliza Domaradzka, two graduates of l’ University of Poznań in Poland. Two years later only, the graphic studio s’ is quickly specialized in the webdesign and exposes an impressive portfolio.

Anyway, enjoy their work (a smattering represented below).



quoted text and links from visual evasion.

When Legos Lust

I almost peed myself when I saw this whole re-interpretation of the bible using Legos. Not sure why the lust one was my favorite, but they’re all good. See them here.

More random favorite scenes below.

Above: self explanatory (in Biblical terms). Below: from the parable of the many murders. I LOVE the face of the evil one behind the axe (not holding it).

Above: don’t look at the wives of others. Below: Jesus gets baptized by John the Baptist (love his eyes) and the Spirt of God descends on him like a dove (or parrot).

Best (not new) Design Blog: Positive Space

I can’t truly say Positive Space is the best…that would require me to know everything else out there. I only know 99% of it, and don’t want to lie.

I can say, however, it’s the best new addition to my Google Reader since Swissmiss. So good that I’m constantly contemplating (say that 10 times real fast) toying with the idea of cutting/pasting content into my blogs so others can read, as is.