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Stunned By The Silence

Yes, I know: it’s been months since my last post. You’d think there’d be no good reason for such a lapse, barring some near-fatal disease, a honeymoon overseas, or tax season. None of these suffice.

The one thing that makes sense of this entire mess (aside from my just being incredibly busy) is that I’ve been saving all my postworthy blogs for something truly THAT good. Today I found it.

Daniel Danger, a name only a 40s gumshoe detective could love: he walked into my office like a thug pandering blow in back alley corners, and hit like a former middleweight remembering his pre-success junior high acne. That’s how I felt (kinda) when I first saw this poster at OMG Posters. I just sat there for a moment taking in the strokes, the colors, the mood and feel of this scene. It really stopped me in my swivel, high-back faux-leather office chair.

It’s put me on a hunt of other Daniel Danger prints, and there are a good number, each with this distinctly similar feel. Dark. Moody. High contrast, with some light providing a patina for the scene’s raw emotion. I believe one can only get a print for this by going to one of the Why? concerts where they’re sold. I need to find a friend willing to go, just so I can pay their ticket, pay their gas, pay their overnight binge just to get me one of these prints.

Yes, I’m that desperate.

This is freakin’ amazing. You’re lucky I care enough to even tell you about it (that’s how I feel).

More Daniel Danger at Tiny Media Empire.

UPDATE: I just bought this poster. I never buy things for myself. It’s made me estatic. Also got two other Daniel Danger posters while I was there… Christmas has come early for me!!

Frank Chimero, Illustrator and More

Frank Chimero’s Flickr set of illustrations in the shape of the US States is grabbing a lot of digital ink these days. But it’s not his only facet. Checking out his website reveals much more than illustration, most notable his Twitter-like thoughts and anaysis of the design process and writings on design in general.

But don’t get distracted. His work stands on it own. It’s great, actually, and in an interview with Grain Edit, he distills his process in a bit of self-disclosure that is reminiscent of Bill Watterson’s thoughts on the creative process, as read in his Calvin & Hobbes Tenth Anniversary (which I’m strongly recommending to all my creative friends atm for its insight into a) the mind of a brilliant creative and b) thoughts from someone who still treats art as something pure and rejects commercialization simply for profit).

I’ve pasted some of Chimero’s images below, but check out the Grain Edit interview, then his website here. Great stuff: simple, unadorned yet personalized and original.

Newfangled Retro Movie Posters

On some blog (I can’t remember, sorry) I saw these posters designed by Spacesick a few weeks ago. I’ve been holding his artwork in a tab on my Firefox now for way, way too long. I loved the concept of these—good concept being the essence and foundation of good design. Simple, clean, nice. And simple.


I just came across the creative portfolio of Josh Kenyon. Loved the illustration and fun sketch graphics. These are pretty ubiquitous, and everyone is hopping on the bandwagon of loose style, but there’s some great thought and color usage in Josh’s work that stands above the crowd. See it all here.

*NEW* The World needs more Stache 18×24 poster (for sale soon)
*NEW* Custom Painted YOKA Bear – Subtext & Cardboard Spaceship Show *FOR SALE
DC Shoes & Subtext Store “KICKS” Show – Josh Kenyon “Seekers”
A Year with You – handmade book for my wife for our first anniversary (select pages not in order)
Beware of Friends
Save a Life
Sky Pipes (pen & watercolor)
Dont Punch Owls (paint pen & acrylic)
Lovebirds (acrylic & paint pen)
Substratum Apparel – Growing Strong (silkscreen poster)
Substratum Apparel – I Agree Peace Is Better (silkscreen poster)

Olly Moss

So, I’ve been seeing all these amazingly simple posters on the internet, and similarly great simple apparel designs on only to discover today they’re done by the same illustrator, Olly Moss.

Here are a few of his works. Olly has decided to create a series of movie posters reinterperated in a kinda minimalistic post modern German-ism style. Via.

Chris Bodily Art

Tucked away in the reader art section of Juxtpoz‘s website was this little gem. Don’t know anything about Chris, but I’m digging his bear image most. Maybe it’s the blue, maybe it’s the voracious bear… or both. You can see more on his FaceBook album here (screenshot enclosed below).








Illustrations by Aro (itzso_weezee)

Aside from having to travel to to see these illustrations, I’m enthralled with the bold style and (gasp) sense of perspective in these images. Lots of stuff out in the blogosphere that’s similar, but not much as good (imho). Really great, youthful and edgy feel. See them all here.


nomono is Cristóbal Schmal Illustrator/Graphic Designer working and living in Berlin.

Some of his work is really, really good! I love the stamp-esque nature and hand drawn feel of his design. Check it out here.


Studio K Portfolio

Just saw links to this design studio in Poland doing amazing work. Comparatively, my design is soooooo ’90s. Ugh. Web portfolio here: Studio K.

The Studio K was born into 2006 from l’ association of Krzysztof Domaradzki and Eliza Domaradzka, two graduates of l’ University of Poznań in Poland. Two years later only, the graphic studio s’ is quickly specialized in the webdesign and exposes an impressive portfolio.

Anyway, enjoy their work (a smattering represented below).



quoted text and links from visual evasion.

Visuals from Insomnio

Just recently came across another compendium website for graphic visuals called Loads of cool stuff tucked into the crevases between normal and junky stuff (my opinion) but I’ve collected some of my favs for you. Enjoy!

Speaking of Art is useless if one doesn’t feel anything. Simple and beautiful piece by jmonzani
Glitch, 3d abstract illustration by another talented artist at deviantart: Jesar
the wretched, awesome photo by nuzz
Awesome, sad, great illustration by Asak Hanuka, for an article entitled “The Other Global Economy”
My dirt, a very cool sketch of a girl with a bear attitude by btrah

Beautiful, Smooth Line Illustrations

I’ve seen some of Rubens LP work filtering into the cosmic internet more and more. How he achieves such beautiful illustrations from simple lines is a true testament of his art.

Much of the art I’m drawn to has layers of texture and grit. I love that look and feel in our clean, modern, computer-driven world. These illustrations, however, grab me as well, for the evocative curves and grandiose shapes. Brilliant.