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Saw these today. Thot they were cool (sorry, i’m tired of both writing and blogging atm).


Tide Detergent Kills Smog

Yea, right.

I just saw this brilliant (pun intended) ad campaign on the AdGoodness blog. Loved the concept. Someone really uber picky might point out that the product isn’t so much about keeping something clean as getting something clean, but I think the point of cleanliness is still the underlying component, and that it’s intuitive enough people will get it.

Beyond a Good Butt

It’s not everyday that a product can get past itself to see what it is (and what it means) to the consumer. Even after this takes place, it’s difficult for most companies to break away from the normative in their industry and do something different. I remember seeing a overview of jeans advertising from a few years back that indicated the value of the ad was solely dependent upon the butt in the jeans. everything beyond that was fluff (pun intended).

Enter Quicksilver.

I just saw these Quicksilver ads blogged on I Believe In Advertising. Great, great job capturing something unique and memorable in a sea (pun intended, again) of lackluster fish.

Can You Find the SUV

I’ve always enjoyed Jeep’s trendsetting advertising. They’re branding is concise and spot-on, even when their vehicles are spot-free and aren’t covered in mud.

While already confessing that I like simple, minimalist design (because I can’t do it well), I figured I’d stack another brick in the mausoleum of my own abilities and show off another simple yet complex campaign.

Gotta love Jeep.

Prove It.

What a wonderfully comprehensive campaign, taking (and making use) of product dissemination into the forumla for proving your effectiveness. Text and photo lifted from Crew Design.

I came across this clever campaign by the ad agency Lowe Worldwide for laundry detergent. Simple and effective, the box contains a sample of the detergent and is brilliantly wrapped in a plain white t-shirt. When sent through the mail, the shirt inevitably gets dirty, thus the laundry detergent sample is ready to be tested out. Rarely is a direct mailer this well thought out and able to incorporate every element from product to packaging to express the message of the campaign.